Write or Die

If you have Adobe Air installed, Write or Die has a new desktop client with nifty new features that the online version doesn’t have.

I think my fave feature is Word War where you compete with a friend, or enemy. You can even find people to compete with through Twitter! If I weren’t a broke student, that’d be worth the price of admission alone.

To be honest, I think this is the kind of thing that I’ve always known about but never used because I was too wimpy. But hey, with NaNoWriMo coming up, I guess never say never.

I used Write or Die (online version) last year during NaNoWriMo, and it actually worked remarkably well. I got over 2k words written in an hour, more than once, I think. (I’m usually about 500-1k wph.)

It would be neat if you could import the writeordie text file directly into Scrivener - like you can with WriteRoom! 8)

I’m necro’ing a very old thread here, but I wanted to keep like posts together.

Write or Die seems to have been totally abandoned. The app has been pulled, and people aren’t getting download links when they buy the desktop software. It’s been more than a year (at this point, 423 days) since Dr. Wicked’s last post.

I saw that you guys have addressed the issue of Write-or-Die in another thread. I believe you said that you don’t view Scrivener as a motivational tool, and I can respect that.

But I just want to say that I would personally get a lot of use out of a Write or Die type functionality in Scrivener. It’s less about needing “motivation” and more that I tend to get sort of spacey and let my mind drift without realizing it. Daydreaming is a part of creative writing, of course, but I find that I come up with better material if I daydream on the page instead of off in space. :slight_smile: Write or die helps with that.

I hope you will reconsider adding Write or Die functionality to scrivener, since the original Write or Die software was much loved, and is no longer being supported.

At the very least, maybe a “buzzer” function that flashes or beeps if you haven’t typed in a while.

P.S. Love Scrivener and Scapple!

We don’t intend to add much along these lines to Scrivener. It is not so much a matter of whether one thing or another is a popular tool, it is that this particular type of function fits into a class of features that all could be described as very personal (some people, for example, find the daydreaming process to be of vital importance to their creative thought processes) and subject to trends and fads. That isn’t to belittle any of the methods, to be clear, but to point out that embedding such things as permanent features in a long-standing program that is otherwise not at all about these things (save for the arch-umbrella concept of it being “for writers”, which is incredibly broad when it comes to a general purpose tool like Scrivener that is used for everything from patent applications to construction logistics to graphic novels).

That sounds very definite. It’s too bad because it’s always been at the top of my feature wish list.

I wish your reasoning had been “There’s not enough time or energy” rather than “Not everybody would use it.” though. There is a targets function already (despite not everyone using targets). I think a Write-or-Die adjustment is just to notify target information more often than just when the target is met.

Anyway, it seems to be a very popular function among people in November Novel-writing contests.

Until someone offers it, it’s just a pipe dream for me, but I wanted to voice it.