write single print double

This is a bit esoteric but I want to know if there’s a simple option to help my workflow.

I typically write in single space. Then, before submitting to an editor, I print a double-spaced hardcopy to line edit. I just catch more typos and grammar mistakes this way.

Before moving to Scrivner, I used Mellel and could change formating with one click.

So, is there an easy way to do this in Scrivner, write single spaced and then change the formating for printing on the fly, so to speak.

I appreciate any help with a program on which I’ve come to depend.


The display and export/print formatting are set in different places in Scrivener, which assumes that you’ll want different defaults for each. (e.g., I compose on-screen in single-space Monaco 12 and print in double-spaced Minion Pro 11).

The display formatting is in Preferences -> Text Editing. The export formatting is in the Export Draft window, under the Formatting tab. Hope that helps.

As mamster says, this is exactly the sort of thing Scrivener is for. You can even use an Optima single-spaced font for editing on screen and print in a Courier doube-spaced font without affecting what you see on screen. As mamster says, just set your single-spaced, onscreen settings in Preferences > Text Editing. Then set up how you want things to print in File > Export Draft. Then use the Export Draft panel to print your draft using the print button. (Or, to print single documents using the settings in Export Draft, go to File > Page Setup, click on the “Settings” popup, select “Scrivener”, and then choose to print using export formatting under “Text Options”.

Hope that helps!

(You know, I really do need a better label for “Export Draft”, as it controls printing these days too - the printing part used to be a minor convenience, but nowadays it is as important is exporting to some… Hmm, maybe “Generate Draft” or some such…)


To me, the word ‘generate’ seems to imply making a draft rather than exporting it. I think ‘export’ is fine, because printing is a type of export, after all.

Or how about “Draft Output…?”