Wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has experience with either WritePro or Fiction Master, software published by Sol Stein. I have read his books on writing and have found them excellent.

Feedback welcome!

I’ve used Fiction Master in the past. It had some really useful tips here and there, but in all honesty it wasn’t worth the price to me. But that’s just me - I tend to have a hard time getting along with writing guides in general :slight_smile: .

I used Write Pro ages ago – 10 years back, or so. It was the program that ignited two passions in me – writing and writing software :smiley:

But as Khadrelt said, I didn’t think it was worth the money for its actual purpose. Sol Stein’s books are superb, though.

I have used both WritePro Fiction and WritePro FictionMaster, but the German edition, that were FAR cheaper than the original versions are - around 30 Euros each.

I have used only parts of the programs and I found them valuable lessons. But I’d say the most useful part of it is the first lesson of WritePro Fiction, the one you get for free: It changed the way I conceive characters and stories.