Writer and proud owner of Scrivener

Scrivener has started me writing again, after a bit of a block for a few months (too much Xbox 360, Gears of War distraction, probably - like our esteemed Scrivener developer).

One novel doing the rounds of agents, and I’ve published a bunch of short stories, three of which received honourable mentions in various volumes of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, and one reviewed (favourably) in the same breath as Dean Koontz - thanks, Pete!. You can also read at least one of mine online, still, but more are due this year…Note to self: keep writing…keep writing…

Dr North’s Wound - http://www.fantasticmetropolis.com/i/wound/(free online - or in the Breaking Windows anthology, which is not free but contains great stuff by Michael Moorcock, Jeff van der Meer, Rhys Hughes and others…).

Review of my story, Anatomy of Seahorses -http://www.ookami.co.uk/html/horror_express__4.html
Keen to share thoughts and ideas about writing stories and novels - especially on story structure, plot and so on.

Or, if you’re minded: feel free to call in on by blog: http://counsellingandcreativity.blogspot.com/