WriteRoom 2.0

Hog Bay Software has released WriteRoom 2.0


It offers full-screen mode writing, with various colored backgrounds. Can be used with Mori, Hog Bay Notebook, or as a stand-alone.

It has been interesting to watch how version two has evolved into such a radically different philosophy. I am much more fond of the original vision, where you never had to worry about saving files or messing with files at all. Just load it up and type. If you need more than one, you can have multiple saved buffers, all automatically handled for you. For something meant to be a distraction-free space that could be used as a front-end to other applications that did not offer a good alternative – it was perfect.

And the price – Scrivener is only $10 more. I don’t know. Normally I really like the stuff that comes out of HogBay, but I just don’t see the appeal on this one over continuing the use of 1.0.

I totally agree with AmberV - I thought ver 1.0 was the ultimate in simplicity. I was disapointed that they started ‘developing’ it further. Hey ho - at least 1.0 was not time limited! :slight_smile:

It was WriteRoom that led me to Scrivener, so I’m very grateful to Hog Bay for that. I, too, think that what they offer may be a tad overpriced, considering how many features Scriv has for only ten dollars more. That said, I suppose you can argue Keith should charge more for Scriv, but I’m one writer who’s damn glad he has kept the price reasonable. I’ve always thought if I were a software designer/marketer I’d sell at a lower price, not only to attract those who cannot afford the high priced ware, but to convince others who might normally “use it without paying” so to speak to buy it.

WriteRoom is okay, but its main attraction, the distraction-free writing window, is implemented with the full screen view in Scrivener.

For me the clincher with v2.0 was the ability to handle the .rtf file format natively. I own WriteRoom and Scrivener, although obviously I love Scrivener’s full screen mode so just use it for my writing.

Right, and for me, RTF support is actually almost a negative.