Writeroom for iPhone

Hey guys,

This isn’t really my thing (I own an iPhone but gave up writing seriously on it after the first few attempted Wordpress posts), but some of you may be interested that there’s now a version of Writeroom for the iPhone:


It’s dead simple, just like Writeroom for the Mac - no outlining or anything like that, just a nice dark space to put text onto. It does include wireless syncing of the RTF documents with your Mac, though, so I imagine you could feasibly use it to feed documents into Scrivener via import/export.

I think Jesse’s solution is ingenious. :smiley: It’s a nice little app for quick notes that I can then c&p into my Scrivener project.

The iPhone is a fantastic device, but not something to do a lot of writing on. Short of that, between this app and Evernote’s iPhone app, I can pretty much track ideas and info-bits when I’m out and have them accessible for when I’m not.

(Still have the old 2G model, btw. No 3G in my area, so there’s no reason to get a 3G iPhone. AT&T promises though… :smiling_imp: )

Fantastic! I am not using this for any serious writing, but from an editing point of view this is the best fit program so far! Thanks you, thank you, thank you! Its a bit of a pain (and granted I have only played with this for 5 minutes) but I simply export to RTF, and then paste the RTF to my iPod Touch (wirelessly) over Bonjour and there it is on my iPod Touch, ready to go. I can do basic editing on the fly, or simply read over my entire manuscript wherever I please. I tired using FileMagnet but the PDF form factor never quite fit the screen, and editing the PDF to the proper resolution and font size was a bit more of a hassle then I wanted, but this fits perfectly. My wishlist for this program right now would have to be for highlighting, and the ability to simply drop a RTF file onto the app wirelessly instead of copying and pasting to a blank document. But for now, this is perfect! Thanks again, great recommendation!

I’ve just found this application myself. The writing environment looks better than the built-in notes application - just a bit more serious (if that makes sense).

The real fun(tionality) of this app though is the quirky wireless link which gives a method of viewing the text on the iPhone in Safari, selecting it and then using the Scrivener clippings service to pull the text into Scrivener, from where I can fiddle with it to my heart’s content.

Not an application for the long writing session, but great for those quick notes on the go or records of meetings, with a method of getting the notes into my primary writing application. Brilliant. And only three quid.


Well, duh! I completely forgot about Scrivener’s clipping service. (And I’d even specifically asked for it years ago and was - politely - told ‘no’. :laughing: )

I also just discovered that AT&T has extended 3G to my area! Very quietly - as in no announcement or email of any kind - but I went to their little map and all blue now. 8)

Off to an Apple Store… uh, somewhere. (There isn’t one in my immediate area.)

BestBuy is also selling them now, which might be easier to find than an Apple or AT&T store.

Thanks, Amber, I had completely forgotten about that. We actually have one of those (since ~May or June).

Edited to delete stuff no one cares about except me. :smiley:

Also to add: Checked with local Best Buy and the fellow there said that he could do most of what AT&T could do with switching phone numbers around, so that may be the easiest solution.

Again, thanks, Amber, for the heads up.