Writer's Block: A Supercut

Try watching this the next time the inspiration to write is not coming:


With cuts from 53 films, my hunch is that the two creators had bad cases of writer’s block and decided to do this supercut instead.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books

Thank you for sharing this nice video!
It should really be useful when you have lack of inspiration.
In such moments I also like to watch some motivated video or to be in silence with nature. And recently I have read about few more tips to stay motivated and find inspiration in this article about writing ideas writersandauthors.info/2017/ … ideas.html
Hope it works for somebody!

A clever supercut indeed. Though there are harsh discussions if writer’s block is real. Writer’s block can become an issue for many authors. And those who think it’s just a phenomenal “concept” to talk about or simply an excuse perhaps have never experienced it themselves.

LitHub: Is It Real? 25 Famous Writers on Writer’s Block >>
Ray Bradbury; Anthony Burgess; Joshua Cohen, etc.