Writer's Block? Maybe it's in your ears

Several writing programs have played around with typewriter sound effects (none, that I know of, with much success). Still, the idea may be worth a try. After all, if Rupert Murdoch and the London Times think it’ll work, maybe it will.



I’m going to start referring to it as The Times of London or The London Times from now on.

Well, I find KeyClick quite good (even if I cannot use it with my pleasantly noisy Das Keyboard):


I had KeyClick six years ago. It stopped working a few OS versions ago, and I figured it was a goner. But I just now checked the website, downloaded the latest Mavericks-compatible version, found the old (2008) registration key in Mail, and plugged it in.

It works.

Thanks for the lead, and thanks to sustworks for a durable registration.

Interesting. I’d love to know what reporters’ reactions are, especially as the sound of typing gets more insistent.

I’ll look into KeyClick–thanks.

Sometimes I like the tinkling sound of the ommwriter typewriter. Sometimes not.

I wonder if the mere presence of background sound might help the writers? There’s an app for that, and research, no less.*

And does nostalgia add an element to the background, even if it’s … hm, can’t think how to say this–manufactured/recreated for people who’ve only seen and heard typewriters in movies? (Oh, the possible studies and dissertations and apps, and post-colonic journal article titles (paraphrasing one of my profs’ wry comments)!)

*I may have learned about ommwriter and the coffee shop buzz app (this phrase really shouldn’t make sense!) here, of course.

Also check out NoisyTyper. There’s a little bit of a trick to get it working on Mavericks (and if you want I can post it here) but it works. I always fire it up before a serious writing session. Best of all, it’s free.

fffff.at/noisy-typer-a-typewrite … ur-laptop/

This will help you get it working on the latest versions of OS X:
tonymacx86.com/mac-software/ … ricks.html