Writer's block (still)

I started a new thread so as not to step on others’ sorrows and trials, for which I am sincerely sorry.

That said, I haven’t written a sentence since I gave up on NaNoWriMo in November.

So I was sitting glumly in the coffee shop the other day, thinking glumly that nothing interesting ever happens in this town and my mind is absolutely devoid of ideas. So thinking, I lifted my eyes from my cup and idly moved them across some other patrons: the table-full of game wardens, guns in holsters, laughing and quaffing while their state truck idles outside. The dreadlocked young couple, first time out alone since the baby was born, wearing vintage clothing that probably smells a little odd, if I were close enough to smell it. In the farthest corner, a couple of old horseshoers swapping remembrances. Closer by, a black musician shouting into a cell phone to the teenage white boy he has taken in to help raise. At the counter, the postman who is the only right-wing union member I know, sharing his politics with the hapless clerk.

That’s why I can’t leave this place: it’s fascinating, and stories are everywhere. :mrgreen:

Coffee shops are good places to watch individuals, and small cohesive groups, but if you want to watch larger-scale activity, and wider-ranging human interaction, my favorite is an airport waiting area. Not inside the secure zone – people there are liable to be too single-minded, intent on getting to the gate or making the necessary contact – but outside that area, where people are waiting for friends and family to arrive, where those at-last-arrived are coming, weary and relieved, out of the secure zone into the real world.

The limitation, of course, is that if you sit there too long, the TSA people start watching you. Then you have to check the arrival board, find a listing that’s delayed or cancelled, shake your head in dismay, and stroll casually outside.