Writer's Café

This is not a recommendation, as such, but in case you are interested, the Mac version of Writer’s Café writing software now appears to be available for free download in any remaining 1.x versions: writerscafe.co.uk

The developers say that the freebiness is because development work on version 2 has delayed “bring[ing] the Mac version up to the user interface expectations of the average Mac user”. I downloaded it this morning, out of curiosity, and I can see what they mean - the interface is rather idiosyncratic, with different modules opening as separate applications rather than being integrated into a whole. So it isn’t for me, but it was interesting to have a look at it. Actually, I can’t imagine writing in anything other than Scrivener now, so I’m not at all sure what I was doing downloading this… procrastinating again, I expect.

I tried Writer’s Cafe for a while, but ultimately found it lacking. The timeline/index card implementation is confusing and visually unappealing, and the separate modules just make for clutter.

I used it to plot a 3-issue comics miniseries, and by the end of it felt that the app was getting in the way rather than facilitating my work. It was my experience with WC, in fact, that sent me fleeing back to pen and paper for my outlines - and what made me initially wary of Scrivener (thankfully, that was soon assuaged).

Ack, I just mentioned Storylines in the Timeline thread. I’ve had it for years (Writer’s Café) but rarely use it since most of the features are all in separate programs. I did just download the new version, though.

Even the developers agree that it’s ugly - that’s one of the reasons they state as to why the Mac version is free. :laughing:

And, ugly or not, Storylines can be useful for working out a complicated bit of storyline, imo. That it handles more than one storyline at a time (and shows that onscreen) is something a lot of writers can use.