Writer's views on MacBook Air

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I currently use an iMac to write but I want to be able to write on the move, so I’m looking to buy my first laptop. I could use a windows laptop, but would prefer my machine to be able to sync easily with my current desktop, so buying an Apple product might be best.

I’m thinking of purchasing an 11" MacBook Air. Small, but light.

Is there anyone out there using an MacBook Air to write? I would appreciate any experiences shared with this product specifically, or any recommendations or views you may have.

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This thread might help…


What’s your budget?

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve just bought a Macbook 12" and if you can stretch to that (base model at £1049)… The Macbook has a much better screen than the MBA and the format (ratio of 16:10 rather than the Air’s 16:9) so you can see more of your text at once. Altogether a more pleasant experience than the Air’s screen (not that the latter’s bad, but the difference is really striking compared to the new Macbook). It’s also lighter and thinner than the MBA.

Many reviewers have commented on the fact that it’s underpowered compared to other MacBooks (and it is) but it still more than fast enough to run Scrivener (and much else besides – just don’t try to run massive video- or cpu-intensive tasks on it.

The keyboard is a little different to most laptops (flat and little travel), but the keys are full-size (in fact bigger than a standard Mac laptop) I’ve found it really easy to get used to and it’s quick and accurate.

Obviously, if cost is an issue, then the MBA is still a really good machine, but I think that if you can afford the new Macbook, it’s a better prospect as a dedicated writing machine (which will cope very well with other standard computer tasks).

Don’t have the new MacBook, but recently switched from an Air after six years to a new MacBook Pro, and for me, the Retina screen is worth every extra penny. I’d have gotten the Macbook myself, if only it worked with my old apple Cinema Display. But you’ll pay a couple hundred dollars more for that beautiful retina screen.