Writing a Novel on 12.9 Ipad Pro?

Silverdragon, that’s pretty interesting, but wonder if it doesn’t need its own edit, as you seem to have two opinions about subscribing?

Might guess you mean not subscribing from the trial, but doing a regular subscription once you decide it’s likely useful enough?

Cheers, and thanks for making the note for this,

… Sorry I wasn’t clear. Let me try again.

M Mohsin has several different handwriting recognition apps in the App Store. I’m only interested in those that simply recognise handwriting (the others add either speech or translation.) The titles, interfaces, and icons look slightly different, but as far as I can tell, their recognition capabilities are identical. I’m talking about these two in particular:

  1. “Best Handwritten Notes Reader” This is the version I recommend. It will take an image either from the Camera or from the Photos app, and produce editable plain text, which you can copy or share. It has no subscription option. It’s an outright purchase at $12.99. It’s working great on both my my iPad and my iPhone.
  2. “Handwriting to Text Recognizer” This is similar to no. 1 above, but is a free app limited to 3 images per day. There is no option to buy this outright, but it does offer a subscription.
    I tried a subscription ($1.49 per month) but its subscription routine is buggy. I couldn’t get it to run on both my iPad and my iPhone. And then it stopped working on my iPhone; it went back to 3 images per day, and wouldn’t respond to the “Restore Purchase” button in the subscription dialog, even though I checked to be sure the subscription was still active. As far as I’ve been able to tell, I have no way to complain to the developer directly.

So, I can only recommend app #2 as a trial. And yeah, I have my reservations about the developer in general. But it works better than any other recognition engine I’ve tried so I got the outright purchase variant.

I hope this clears up any confusion I’ve caused.

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Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

I might add that I think Notability’s handwriting recognition has improved markedly at some time maybe in the last year. It now does quite a reasonable job on ny non-to-clear-ever penmanship, which is definitely not improved in writing on an iPad Air with pen.

And I don’t just ‘write’ - definite mixes of cursive, plain, semi-cursive plain, you name it :slight_smile: So that might be one to look into…and for its other abilities possibly

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