Writing about writing

As well as writing my own stuff, I write about other people’s. Hope you will check out my science fiction, fantasy and horror podcast review column at The Fix:


I also recommend The Fix for a host of reviews and articles on short stories, and even short film.

Thanks John,

Just bookmarked this one.



so have I. Ive just spent the last 30+ mins in the company of [i]Me and MY Shadow`[/i]

Im never gonna get anything done :cry: Im doomed…doomed


Thanks, guys, glad you’re enjoying. I hope you will also check out the podcast of my own story, RAPUNZEL’S ROOM, on Pseudopod. Clearly, I can’t review it…cos I wrote it. But if you catch a listen, your feedback in the Pseudopod comments box below the blurb (or here) would be very welcome.

pseudopod.org/2007/12/28/pseudop … zels-room/