Writing aids?

Hi, I just downloaded the trial of scrivener and was wondering if it has any writing aids similar to Microsoft Words’s editor panel?

I’ve typed some of my book into Word, and it’s showing that it has suggestions to improve, conciseness, formality, punctuation and vocabulary. Hoping Scrivener can offer the same functionality.


No. Scrivener doesn’t do that. You need to use a third party app.

Free or paid, your choice. (PWA, Grammarly, etc.)

The other thing to do is to use Scrivener for its original purpose: plan, arrange and write the book.

After the manuscript is finished, export it to Word and use all those built-in features.

PWA’s desktop app can read and write Scrivener files, so that may be worth looking at if you don’t mind paying the sub. I’m giving that another try for my next novel in a few days, once the WIP is completed.

PWA is exellent, but worth noting you can pay for a lifetime subscription. Don’t fall for the 20% off promo on their website though.

If you use this link you can get 40% off:


Thanks. I’ll see if I can write my own AI to do it. I hate spending money, particularly subscriptions (I’m from the 70’s where you buy something and i’ts yours :slight_smile: )

Well, I just wrote my first AI, it’s pretty easy, not too sure about the result. It’s a Shakespeare generator. It takes a bunch of Shakespeare plays as training data, you give it a starting word, and then it spits out some Shakespeare (sort of). I gave it the word ‘romeo’ as a starting point.

ROMEO: do not so:
For starthes never yet beheld the king
for the neglecting of the people’s kncoral, no
created at the left against you.
Now Irate:
Then would you load my part in succer.

Why, be gone. Besh him home with merry disting with angel;
Yet, as the poorest is to closent it.
My lord, I have from her very studded and away;
Now shall the bear more counterfeitively for me:
putchers, her loving ears,
With what youth with a traitor conduct Coriolia set:
And you,
My lifer in the air with compasset!

I advised king so breath, which will wear
The napless vesture of her you.

Pardon me, who?
Come, come, when gracious loging with our brother and she loveth,
And after me. O, they not lick
The English knaving jastars made;
Now shall the loving seautand luna.
True that I say she is not so quick, though not, I never
I never did we sleep? what news? what said Lord-Sear’st. Who know the
thind from I must be an honester kny.

You can use PWA free online as long as you only check 500 word or so passages (copy-check-paste)
There are other free solutions that let you do the same thing.

Thanks. Can you recommend any of the free ones?