writing/composing interviews

Hello everybody!

I want to write/compose several lengthy interviews and I’m looking for the best way to do this. I found “interview” in scriptwriting mode but find it not very helpful (but perhaps I don’t get the functions right). Perhaps there are better ways to write interviews in scrivener…
Perhaps even the following is possible: In each interview I have several people asking and answering the questions and it would be great, if I could have different styles automatically applied to them…)

I appreciate any help :wink:

The “Interview” script setting is perhaps a bit of a legacy concept at this point. It was put together before Scrivener had any kind of style support. I would say in most cases this can be better done with Styles now.

When you create your style, at the bottom of the setup screen you’ll see an option to select another style (or go on using the current one) automatically upon pressing return. In this way you could set the “Question” style to switch to “Answer” automatically, and vice versa. You can also give them shortcuts to change the style manually, for those cases where there are multiple paragraphs to an answer.

Refer to “Creating New Styles”, in §15.6.3, Using and Managing Styles of the user manual PDF, pg. 414.

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