Writing corporate image or product brochures

I was searching for a tool to write novels, but I discovered that I can use Scrivener for writing image or product brochures as well.

If a client wants to have a new image or product brochure, he sends me a lot of information: presentations, pdf-documents, word-documents, images and even films. Until I discovered Scrivener I put all these files in a special folder and wrote the text for the broschuere with NeoOffice (hope it will get a lot faster).

If I wanted to look at one of my clients files, I had to switch to Finder, find the right file (why do clients use so ugly filenames?) and open it. With Scrivener I just drop the files into my broschure-project and have them all at hand when I need them. I can even apply some keywords or notes to them to better identify the content.

Ok, I haven’t finished a job with Scrivener, but this abilty seems to be really cool. I will use it for my next job and report the results later.