Writing / Creating a One-A-Day Calendar

Hi. has anybody ever used the program to create a One-A-Day Calendar. If so, is there a template you’d be okay with sharing? Thx

Well, no. Haven’t used Scrivener for any kind of calendar. But I’m curious; what kind of calendar is that? Would you please post a link to an image?

When bullet journals were a thing I messed around using Scrivener to provide me one. But the entire methodolgy eventually put me off.

Like @Silverdragon I’m unsure of exactly what you mean. Are you looking to use Scrivener to manage something like this:

Thanks for the responses. I realize I was not clear enough.

I’m trying to create a One A Day Calendar (like one of those that gives you a Word A Day) in order to sell / publish. So there will 365 files in it. I was hoping that somebody had a template that I could use that might take into account the pitfalls I haven’t even envisioned yet.

Thanks again for replies.

There are a number of templates available for doing Journals that would probably work for you. I found one a few years back with a Google search. More than likely you will want/need to change things in it for your own needs. It isn’t very difficult.