writing direction

the writing direction feature is great!

would it be possible to access it from the app window itself or to assign a keystroke to it rather than having to access it via the menu?

( i am constantly going back and forth between RTL and LTR languages and i always have to go to the menu to switch direction.)

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A great tip for stuff like this - where you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to a menu item that many other users may not use as much - is to use the Apple Keyboard and Mouse preferences to set your own keyboard shortcut. You can do this with any menu item in pretty much any OS X app. Just go to System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse, and select the Keyboard Shortcuts pane. Then click on the “+” button at the bottom, add Scrivener as the application and type the name of the menu item (“Right to Left” in this case). Then choose your keyboard shortcut and you’re done!

The great thing about this feature is that you can use it to override other keyboard shortcuts. For instance, if there’s a simple keyboard shortcut already assigned in Scrivener to something you never use, you can reassign it to an item that you use frequently but which either doesn’t have a shortcut or has one that involves contortion of the digits.

Hope that helps.
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thank for for a wonderful suggestion presented in such a patient way ( especially given the fact that i might have been expected to know that sort of thing!)

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