Writing & Editing in Scrivener ios

Has anyone written and edited a novel solely on Scrivener ios?

Also, does linking with Dropbox sync well between iPad and phone?

I want to give Scrivener a try but am a little intimidated. I mainly use Evernote, at the moment.

Syncing via Dropbox has worked like expected for me, ever since the release of iOS Scrivener. No problems whatsoever.

iOS Scrivener is not nearly as powerful as Mac or Win Scrivener, but is still fully functional for writing, and a lot better than trying to write a novel in Evernote. I use Evernote as my big collector of anything I want to save, but I can’t see how I could use it for writing any longer pieces of text.

I write a lot of different stuff. Some work-related, other things more personal. I use iOS Scrivener a lot for those personal things, because I don’t need to bring my laptop. Only iPad or iPhone. And I am almost done writing a short book on my iPad, with iOS Scrivener.

Don’t be intimidated, just try it! It’s not very expensive. :wink:

I have written the last two books strictly on Scrivener iOS on an iPad Pro and a magic keyboard. While it’s not as powerful and missing features I do miss from the Mac version, I find it does just fine. Having the limited features has helped keep me focus and actually writing rather than fiddling with colors and themes or asking “what does this do.” I love Scrivener and while I hope it gets an update with the ability to customize a little more, I will continue to use it. I don’t use Dropbox, I found it just didn’t work for me, missing a lot of work, but I don’t really need to sync all that much since I stopped using my MacBook Pro. When I feel the need to write on my iPhone 11, I use airdrop to send my file back and forth. Works beautifully. I have compiled my books on my iPad Pro, using the compile settings in Scrivener iOS and while I do have to fiddle with the settings (I keep forgetting to take notes on how I compile before), once I get the settings right, works like a dream for my self-publishing needs. I hope this helps.

Thank you! I have it set up for syncing & tested a few files! I think it’s gone correctly.

Thank you! That’s encouraging!
I will have to learn the difference between Dropbox & airdrop. See which is washer &safer!
Hoping I can have the same success as you