Writing/editing under comments

Hello, I have a document back from an editor where the editor has included large sections of text under each comment. I’d like to work on those sections of text without deleting his comment, but I’m finding it frustrating because, for example, I can’t highlight text to delete or cut and paste where he has left a comment. Is there a way that I can leave the comment there, but for the text beneath it to be editable as normal? If not, any other helpful workaround? Thank you! Jessica

There are two approaches you could take:

  • You aren’t stuck with the highlighted text that someone else made. If you want to select a smaller range of text to attach the comment to:
    [*] Move the comment elsewhere temporarily by dragging it and dropping it to some text in the editor that isn’t already highlighted.
  • Then just do the reverse, drag it again back into the paragraph it came from. You can also select some text beforehand and drag the comment onto the selection if you want to highlight more than one word.
  • Convert the notes to inline, with the Format/Convert/Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations menu command. These will appear more like red text markings in your work, and thus not interfere with the source text.