Writing from multiple sources, bringing into Scrivener.

…there has to be a better way to do this, hopefully I’m just not seeing some simple solution.

My issue sort of goes beyond Scrivener, so if this is too off topic to handle here, please let me know.

Right now, I’m using Scrivener to write a novel, but a lot of the time, I find myself writing at work or on my iPhone. Because I can’t install Scrivener on my work computer, and there isn’t a Scrivener iPhone app (yet?), I do a lot of my off-site writing in Google Docs or Evernote.

The problem is, taking text from Google Docs or Evernote and pasting it into Scrivener makes it appear in weird, underlined fonts and it breaks all the formatting information. I’ve made for the text I wrote off-site. My solution right now involves going to Google Docs or Evernote, copying the text, pasting it into Notepad which at least strips the font info so it can be pasted into Scrivener without all kinds of chaos being unleashed, but it still breaks the formatting, requiring me to re-indent everything.

I know I can’t be the only person who uses Scrivener to mainly compile things from multiple sources into a single location, but as of right now I can’t figure out how I could do it without requiring so many steps…only to get a solution I’m not entirely happy with.

What I would really like is to have a solution where I can write something outside of Scrivener, have it sync to Dropbox (where I currently keep my Scrivener projects), and have it seamlessly sync and update the next time I open up Scrivener, giving me more time to write and less time wrangling text into something usable…not to mention all the time I’ve spent trying to find a solution.

A little help? Please? :slight_smile:

Have you tried “Paste and Match Style?” That should paste everything as your default format.

…well, that would probably be just too easy, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it when I get back to my computer. It’s still not the seamless solution I’d like, but at least it would alleviate some headaches.

Until they have external folder syncing in the Windows version of Scrivener, you might try exporting your documents to RTF and then importing that into Scrivener. If the RTF itself isn’t too mangled, then Scrivener should be able to handle importing it without many issues.