Writing Goals all at once

Good evening. Is there an option to change the Writing Goals all at once, without editing each text?
Thank you.

What specifically are you trying to change? Scrivener supports Project Targets, Session Targets, and targets for each individual document.


I’ll send a screenshot so I can get a better understanding. Sorry. Thank you.

[attachment=0]Schermata 2021-01-07 alle 20.26.03.png[/attachment]

[attachment=1]Schermata 2021-01-07 alle 20.22.30.png[/attachment]

Load all the documents you care about into an Outline view and enable the Target Word Count column. You’ll still have to change the targets one by one, but you won’t have to load the files individually to do so.


Thank you.

If you always (or mostly) have the same target for every document, then you can use a Document Template with the target already set. Then assign that template to be the default ‘New Document’ for your folders (right click on the folders in the Binder and Documents > Default Template for Subdocuments > [Name of your template].

Now every time you create a new document, (cmd-N, Project > New Document, click on the icon etc) in those folders, it will have the target already set. This won’t help with adding a target to the existing documents, but it means you won’t have to repeat the exercise.


Very good!