Writing History - bugs or unclarities?

Since I’ve been doing a revision of my novel over the last week and a half, I decided to have a look at my Writing History. To my surprise, it seems to be showing rubbish:

  1. Days of writing - for July it’s showing only three. I’ve been editing daily since the 10th, every day adding a correction or two, total of which gives me ~2400 words added. I’ve edited today, adding a few paragraphs, and yesterday. Yet, the last record is from Saturday.
  2. Writing days, top counter: Not sure how I can have ~40k in Draft and ~200k Elsewhere, considering, as shown above, the contents of the Draft add up to 223k. “Za Cenę Uroku” is what the Draft-level document is titled, and the Outline above the History window is showing wordcounts for its contents.
  3. Writing days, bottom counter: it’s showing the stats for March, which is out of the scrolled history window - it would be good to have an indicator of the month for which the count is given, because as it is, it looks at least weird.
    As an experiment, I’ve done some cleanup - removed files from Research and then emptied the Trash. The result is as follows:

    Which means that the information regarding “Writing days” and stats per day is actually untrue. If it’s counting for every opened session, it should be indicated so (I unchecked the session reset field because the notification annoys me - could this be related?).
    As it is, anyway, the “history” is not accounting the writing numbers to the correct days, and very much not to the correct contents, I’m afraid.

In another file, which has been created a few weeks ago, the history looks like this:

While I could assume that some random past data could be kept since the files were copied from another project, I’ve only started on this project a year ago. There is no way I was writing NEGATIVE words in it in 2019.

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I’ll second this issue, I think.

My project doesn’t have as clear cut mathematical problems, but it looked off when I checked the other day.

I’m also editing, so I’m writing new scenes and moving the old scenes out of the main manuscript. It should show a large decrease as I remove the old scenes and then increases based on the new writing, instead it shows an overall increase.

My goal is to match or increase the wordcount from the previous draft, but it’s not happening daily as the history screen implies.

That sounds pretty buggy, too. Do you have the same Draft/non-Draft issue as I’m experiencing?

Yes, once I tried too look for it.

If I go back to November 2018, when the majority of the first draft was written, it says I only wrote 28k that month, not the over 50k I know I wrote. That’s the only time I know how much work I put into the project.

The UI of that window is bad. My first thought is not that it’s wrong, but that I’m reading it incorrectly. At this point I just find know.

I wonder if there is anything that can explain this behaviour - I’ve just randomly checked my projects and:

(this is a project that has been heavily edited in the last 4 days, every day)
How does Writing History actually work? What is the functionality behind this? Does it even work correctly for someone…?
(is there a chance for this to be fixed one day?)