Writing History count seems incorrect

I’ve been working on a project on my Mac for the last few weeks, with the project syncing to Dropbox.

I recently installed the Windows 3 BETA 12 and everything seems to sync up nicely (aside from fonts) however I noticed something wrong with the Writing History feature (which I love by the way!)

I had recorded 7166 words in January and 1000 words from the 3rd-4th Feb (all done on the Mac) however I noticed that when I looked at the Writing History upon opening the document within Windows BETA 12 on the 7th of Feb (before writing anything, I was just curious to see if the stats were synced or device-specific) I saw that it had -7000 words for that day. (It may have ben exactly 7166 to match that which I’d written in January or could have just been a coincidence, i can’t recall the exact figure but it was around -7000 words).

I continued with my writing session anyway, which tripped over midnight from the 7th to the 8th of Feb and I wrote 1644 words in this session. When I checked the Writing History at the end of this session it had updated to -6561 words for the 7th and 1644 for the 8th.

So the figure for the 8th seems like a genuinely accurate figure for what I wrote in that session but I’ve no idea why it had the count down as -7000 words to start with?

Yes, we have found bugs in the writing history calculations. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.

Okay, thanks.

Will that re-calculate existing figures to correct them once fixed or will it only calculate correctly from that point on? Not sure how the calculations work exactly …

Unfortunately there is no way to correct the old data. Only the new calculations will have the proper values.