Writing History Counts Negative

Today, I created a text but then decided I didn’t want it, so I deleted it. The word count was deducted (shown as a negative) when I pulled up Writing History. I finally determined that the count was negative because I deleted the text. However, this is inaccurate. The word count should have added the number of words that I wrote (in this case, it happened to be 1,750 words) and then deleted the number (again, 1,750 words). Instead, the number just seems to count the negatives.

I unclicked the “Allow Negatives” option under Project Targets, but that does not seem to do anything for the Writing History. Also, the “other” count appears to be incorrect. Sometimes it counts what I write, and sometimes it does not. For instance, I duplicated an entry under Research. It did not add the number of words, but then I deleted portions of the text, and it counted what I deleted against the word history count.