Writing History losing words

I do my writing primarily on my MBA, but I also reread and do light editing on my iPhone almost every day. I keep the Scrivener files in the Apps/Scrivener directory on Dropbox. Recently I’ve been repeatedly running into a problem where the Writing History actually loses words it had previously recorded–most recently between last night and now, when I saw the Writing History had captured the 3400 words I wrote yesterday, all right and proper.

This afternoon, I checked my Writing History again after doing a bit today and it had today’s 300 words… but listed 0 for yesterday.

This has happened several other times recently, although I didn’t have vivid memories of seeing a count that then vanished.

Is this a side effect of sync conflicts, which I try to avoid but still sometimes trigger (because I forget to back all the way out of the file on Scrivener iOS occasionally)?

Also, is there any way to manually edit the Writing History–or even just trick it somehow? Or is a day, once done, unchangeable?

Does anybody have anything on this? I know it’s small potatoes compared to actually losing words or an entire manuscript, but it keeps happening to me, even when I try hard to avoid causing sync conflicts, and it’s crushingly discouraging. It keeps actively displaying my true count and then, after a bit of editing on mobile, it loses that count entire and replaces it with, I think, the count of the 4 words I added on my phone?

I’m willing to accept this is user error. Just tell me how to stop it from happening?

I’d suggest you post this in the Bug Hunt forum, or open a support ticket. I personally don’t use the writing history feature, but you’re not the first to complain about lost words from past days. Prior reports have similar complaints without iOS Scrivener being involved, so it may not be related. The L&L staff have never been able to reproduce this according to the last thread I found that mentioned it, so you may have valuable information that might help track down a problem.

One thing I have noticed with session word counts, independent of past history: iOS Scrivener’s session count is much less sophisticated than Mac Scrivener’s. iOS Scrivener will never start a new session on its own automatically. Either it will pick up a new session start from a sync with Mac, or you will need to start a new session manually. For this reason, making sure that you sync both before and after your iOS session—and not keeping an iOS session open across your automatic restart session time!—may be critical to keeping your writing history integrity.

Also be aware that session counts can go negative. If you’re editing and delete words, your session count will go down. Sometimes folks are blindsided by this.

Finally, if you’re brave enough, here’s a thread on how the edit the writing history directly :

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I think it might have something to do with going across restart times (although perhaps not actively). I just captured screenshots of Before and After, with nothing but a sync (and I was obsessive about not doing unsynced changes in multiple places). I would happily file a bug, just not something I’ve done before.

(And I did just successfully edit the writing history manually, which makes me SO happy–including deleting a 15k word c/p record. I can now actually see which month I wrote the most in for the this project.)

You’re welcome!The bug submission form is here:
or you can email support directly:

This happened to me yesterday. The evening before I recorder 3163 words, the following morning it said -27 for the previous day! I had not deleted any and the total word count is statistics appears to be correct but not in writing history. I know this is a year or two later but it is still happening!