Writing History not updating changes made in session on iOS Scrivener (not sure if bug or designed this way)

I am not sure if this is the intended behavior, or a bug. Also, it works the same way on Windows that it does on Mac Scrivener 3. I wrote some on Windows beta 3 yesterday and it updated my writing history. Then I wrote about 4,000 new words on Scrivener for iOS today and opened the project with Scrivener 3 Windows beta. I was expecting to find a calculation that my writing history for the day included the words written on my iPad. I know it is not possible to break it directly by the daily cut-off, but over time, it would be a more accurate reflection of the work performed and the daily averages. I was expecting the difference in total word count from the last session would have been applied to the last session or something like that.

I felt like I had just walked 10,000 steps and forgot to put on my Fitbit and therefore, lost the actual activity expended. But if the Writing History is only recording the activity when on Windows or Mac version, then it is not very useful for someone like me who does 90% - 95% of their drafting on their iPad.

I’m not sure the ‘Writing History’ works at all in the beta.

This is what my WH shows for a project I started a few days ago. The total number of words is close to 5000 but the WH shows -2.