Writing History not working?

I was intending to rely pretty heavily on the writing history feature in Scrivener for Mac and was happy to see it was improved with per day logging. However, it seems this functionality isn’t working reliably for me.

I know I wrote yesterday (the 15th) but it records 0 words written for Draft and Other. It seemed to record my writing on the 14th just fine. I’m wondering if something is up with the session or something like that. I usually leave the session open overnight.

Anyone else seeing this? Am I doing something wrong?

The live Word Count in Session Target stopped working for me today. I suppose these are related issues.

I noticed the other day that it seems to record writing for a session the time after the next close.

So if I:

  1. Do a bunch of writing.
  2. Save everything and close.

The Files/writing.history file is not updated.

However, if I then

  1. Open the project again
  2. Close the project again.

The Files/writing.history file is updated.