Writing History Out of Sync

I should preface this with the fact that since the change over to Scriv 3 I’ve been having all kinds of glitches. The last problem requiring a reinstall of Dropbox to my iPad. Now that I have my projects synced up again. I started writing. Yesterday I wrote in two sessions. One on the Mac version which I took note of my word count and then later on the iPad where I checked my word count on the screen before syncing up.

When I came back to the MacBook again and synced my word count for the entire day (2k+) was gone and replaced by 8. (All the new words were still there but the word count history was wrong.) I had my word count from the morning written down but not the iOS numbers so I don’t know exactly how many words were lost in the sync just wondering if this is happening to other people. I don’t use the iOS version a lot since the last big problem because I feel like the two are not as compatible anymore. I love Scriv 3 but I miss the confidence of syncing my work between devices.

I guess this is my question: Is there a sync fix coming between Scriv iOS and Mac Scriv 3?