"Writing History": possible to make a standard file the "draft" file?

I love the Writing History feature, but my word count is not showing up in Draft, but in Other, which is why, I suspect, I get big word dumps when I put information in the Research folder.

I think my MS file is not being counted as Draft because it’s just a regular folder. What can I do to make it count as a “Draft” folder?

The Manuscript/Draft folder is a special folder that Scrivener won’t let you delete, so it must still exist in your project. You’ll just need to drag the folder you’re writing in into the Manuscript/Draft folder to work as a subfolder or drag the documents within that folder into the Manuscript/Draft folder for the Writing History feature to work properly.

Thanks JenT. I found the folder that could not be deleted and moved all my MS files into it. Writing History still not showing up when words are added. Backed up and rebooted Scrivener, but it’s still not showing. What gives?

What version of Scrivener are you using (you can find your version number by going to Scrivener → About Scrivener on Mac or Help → About Scrivener on Windows), and are you on macOS or Windows?

Scriv. 3.2.3 on Mac OS 12.3.1.

Are you sure the Icon of the folder you found is the one with the blue bar on the left?


No, but I suspect I changed the icon.

I found a 2nd folder I can’t delete, so my MS folder must be Scrivener RESEARCH. I tested this 2nd folder and yes, words I type in it are showing up in the DRAFT column of WRITING HISTORY. So I made this my MS folder, and started moving my chapter folders into it, but it balked at the last two. The problem appeared to be pdf files, I think. At least, now, it seems to be sorted out. I love Scrivener, but it can be challenging!

And thank you for helping so promptly!

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Are there any other rules I should know about the Draft folder? I.e. I gather it’s not pdf friendly.

The PDFs should be placed in your Research folder. The Draft Folder should contain your writing. Subfolders inside the Draft folder are no problem at all, so any structure goes., but the Draft folder can only re­side in the root of your project, the lowest level in the Binder.