Writing History: Remove/Delete a date?

There isn’t a way to do it in the front-end, but the file that stores this data is a simple XML file that can be easily edited in a plain-text editor:

  1. Locate the project in Finder, and right-click on it, selecting the compression option. This will create a quick .zip backup in case you need it.
  2. Right-click again, and select “Show Package Contents”.
  3. In the window that appears, drill down into the Files subfolder.
  4. Open the “writing.history” file in a plain-text editor (TextEdit will work fine if you don’t have another, just make sure to not switch it to RTF mode).
  5. You’ll see a bunch of lines in here all starting with “<Day…”. Each represents an entry in the list, with the date on the end for your reference. Look for the date you want to remove (YYYY-MM-DD format), and delete the line. Triple-click will fully and safely select a single line.
  6. Save the file, close it and reopen the project. You should now see the 6,000 word entry removed from the list in Writing History.

You can trash the backup .zip you created if you want.