Writing History weirdness

This may or may not be a bug in Scrivener 3 beta 10. (I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not.)

This has happened twice now:
When I first open Scrivener in the morning, my word count for the current day has been set to a large (in the thousands) negative number.

The reason I suspect the fault is NOT within Scrivener is that the last thing I did last night was open the manuscript in ProWritingAid (for Windows Desktop). I have noticed that PWA has certain issues with the new Scrivener format, e.g. it does not decode style tags.

Edit: I remember doing one more unusual (for me) thing yesterday evening: I did a File->Save and Rebuild Indexes. That said, I’m fairly certain I didn’t do this the first time I “lost” thousands of words from the history

Similar? (in 3.1.1 (9852) on Mac)

Last night the session word count started going all over the place in the search window and in Session Target. The project target number seems correct in both places, and the session number is correct in Writing History. This started happening sometime after I pushed back the deadline date, but I’ve done that before (don’t judge me :wink:, and nothing happened those times. Has anyone else seen this?

If this is an issue for you, you should post it in the Mac forum, where it is more likely to be picked up by the Mac team.



How large? Like around -32768? or -16384? Or some random large number in the thousands? Is the number similar to the number you wrote the day before?

In my case, it varies between -4000 and -9000.
So it seems random, and not related to integer boundaries and the like.