Writing in Fountain Syntax in Scrivener


First, thanks a million for bringing Fountain support to Scrivener!

Here is my question – and please forgive me if I’m being daft here: can I write using fountain syntax within Scrivener (instead of the built in screenplay formatting), and then have it rendered into proper screenplay formatting on compile? (ie. compiling to a properly formatted screenplay PDF)

If not, no biggie… I’m supposing I could just use fountain syntax within scrivener, export it to a plain text file, change the extension, and then re-import it as a fountain file.



Not really, the idea is to provide a way to edit screenplays on the go, especially for those that have limited support for scripting or rich text editors, like mobile phones and tablets. You would have to go about it the way you described with the compile, import, compile bit. :slight_smile:

Got it, and thanks for the reply, Amber. Compile/import/compile will work actually, because I don’t want to monkey with formatting until much later in the game,