Writing in index cards

How do I move to a lower line within an index card in corkboard mode? The cursor stops at the last bit of text and if I hit return,it creates another index card. Using the mouse to move the cursor to the next line doesn’t work either. I see you can do this in the synopsis window, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this while staying within the index card. Thanks!

Hold down OPT when you hit Return.

Or, change the navigation preferences and turn off “Return key… Ends editing”.

Thank you both so much. Embarrassed I can’t find these steps on my own but I swear I am looking at the manual before posting here.

No need to be embarrassed - Scrivener has a lot in it, and a lot of options, and the manual is long, so please feel free to ask anything at all.

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Dangerous sir. Very dangerous. Have you forgotten about the +3? We still lurk these realms and need little encouragement to be … incorrigible.

Well, obviously I didn’t mean you lot. :slight_smile: