Writing in multiple languages


I am new to Scrivener and am working on in MacOS.

Is there a way to set up a keystroke that would change the text attributes to a pre-selected font (e.g. SBL Hebrew), size, and language? (I am coming to Scrivener from Nisus Writer Pro which has this ability.) I would like to have a keystroke assigned to each of these so I can quickly switch between them without having to manually change the system language preference and then font in Scrivener.

Any insights on language switching would be appreciated.


Hi Mike,

Speaking as a long-term Scrivener and NWP user using English and Chinese:

  1. Unlike NWP, Scrivener cannot mark stretches as being in a particular language, though you can switch keyboards as you will know, with the standard Apple keyboard switcher …Ctrl-space on my keyboards.

  2. You can set up a character style to put your Hebrew into the font and size you wish, and give that style a shortcut.

  3. In NWP, you can set up a Macro—I did it years ago with Martin’s help—which will find all text in a given Utf-8 range, though for Chinese there are several ranges, so Hebrew should be easier—and mark it for language.

I have a standard.scrivformat which compiles to RTF. It opens in NWP, where I immediately run a macro that imports a standard NWP stylesheet which converts the styles to NWP’s cascading styles, runs the Chinese converter and various other things like switching superscripts to 2 point smaller, non-superscript with a baseline raised by 2 points. If I need the document in another font, TNR if it’s going to a Chinese colleague/collaborator as opposed to my personal default Adobe Garamond Pro for instance, all I have to do is change the font of “Normal” in the NWP styles list.

Scrivener and NWP are a match made in heaven!



Thank you, Mark. That is most helpful.