Writing in Scrivener

I’ve just started using the beta version and like it so far, there’s just this problem: whenever I add a new text and try to write into it, it’s like torture. I type, but don’t see my characters appearing. Then wait, then click here and there in the document, no response, then suddenly, the words I wrote appear and everything seem back to normal.
Then I try again - with the same result (write, don’t see what I wrote, waitwaitwait, no response from the software, then suddenly the text appears).
My computer isn’t the newest model, but writing has never been a problem :confused:

Performance issues are a known problem, and are currently being worked on.

One thing that has worked for some people is turning off spell checking, I believe.

Okay, thank you, I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Also make sure that the little word count goal bar isn’t continuously flashing/loading. Enter any nonzero number and it will stop doing that if your model has that bug. :slight_smile:

I figured that I was already a winner in NaNoWrimo when I found through the website that Scrivener was going to be available for Windows. I’ve seen it on a Mac and I “need” it :slight_smile:

So I was quick to download and install it. Seems that most of the basics of the outlining functionality works fine but when I started trying to use the text functions it came to a grinding halt. I just tried your suggestion. In fact, I unchecked all the ‘auto-correction’ features. This seems to solve the problem for which I am grateful. I’ve love to use Scrivener for my NaNoWrimo project.

One thing I’d recommend, however, is that you put a ‘known problems’ list online for the Windows version. I know companies are reluctant to do this but if you want solid beta feedback, it’s necessary. When I find things that don’t seem to work, how do I know if you know abou them (eg - changing words per page has no effect on page count and doesn’t stick anyhow).

Also, what is the “options” button on a PC? I can’t seem to get line breaks in the synopses cards.

As soon as possible, let us start paying for a copy of this. I REALLY want to encourage its development for Windoze. Thanks for making the beta available.

Cheers — Larry

There was such a list at some point, but I can’t find it any more. Lee was mentioning having some minor issues with the forum software; I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being a casualty therein.

Every topic in the Bug Hunt forum that is known about remarks such in its title.

Option frequently translates as Alt (which is short for Alternate). Since the program has Mac origins, a lot of people (and text) refers to the Mac keyboard, which is control-option-clover, while Windows is control-alt-windows, basically.

Lee, I think having a clear post of known issues sounds like a good idea. And as noted, you’ll probably have to go through and convert Mac-style keyboard shortcuts to Windows-style. In your copious free time, of course :slight_smile: