Writing Kit to Scrivener issues

I recently purchased Writing Kit for my iPad, the idea being to synch with my macbook and move files to Scrivener. Everything is fine except for quotation marks and apostrophes. They don’t make it to Scrivener, but are replaced with text such as Ao, Au, Aot, Aod, Aos, which have been dressed up with various accents and umlauts. When they’re all thrown into a text which involves dialogue it makes for interesting reading. Is there some sort of default setting which is known to help with this? If you know a solution, please let me know.

Many thanks.

That sounds like an encoding problem. I’d write to Writing Kit and see how they are saving their text files. Scrivener uses UTF-8 for reference, which is the standard on the Mac, and there is no way to change that.

Writing Kit recently updated, and included in that was the smart quotes coding glitch. So, problem solved.