Writing Lectures

I am using Scrivener to plan some formal lectures I have to give. I will doubtless use it for academic writing in due course. What would be really nice would be if I could export my draft to Powerpoint so that the text went into the notes fields. I could then design my slides to fit the content and structure I had created in Scrivener.

Actually I use Keynote, but as Keynote can import PP slides, export to PP would be fine.

Hi, Glass Painter,

Fellow Scriv user here. This is the sort of special task I would probably try to handle with a combination of a key macro program and a custom Applescript.

Imagine a keystroke of your choosing that does something like the following: selects all the text of the current Scriv document, copies it to the clipboard, and then runs the Applescript below which creates a new slide in Keynote and places the contents of the clipboard into the notes field of the slide (and it does this in the background, so you stay in Scrivener).

tell application “Keynote”
tell slideshow 1
make new slide at end
set current slide to last slide
set notes of current slide to the clipboard
end tell
end tell

Admittedly, this builds your Keynote address one slide at a time, rather than all at once, but it has the virtue of simplicity and flexibility.

So, I don’t know if you are one who is comfortable with Applescripting, etc., but there is a quick sketch of a way what you are looking for might be done.


P.S. The key macro program’s role in the above is just to perform a series of Scrivener focused keystrokes (shift focus to Editor, select all, copy) and then to invoke the Applescript. For further streamlining, you could then have it do further keystrokes (deselect all, shift focus to Binder, move to next document) which would put you in line to make your next slide–in short, to reduce your work to exactly one keystroke per Scriv doc / slide! (All this keystroke work could be made to happen in the Applescript itself, but it would be more work.)