Writing Outliner Word Addin

Has anyone used this add in for MS Word?
If so: opinion please…



Looks oddly very much – very VERY much – like a rip of…what’s the thing called? Oh yes. Scrivener.

The idea of plugging in a layer of Scrivener over Word… well, the words “lipstick” and “pig” spring to mind.

Yep, i saw guy that had tried to teach a pig to dance once too.

Lots of folks toss pebbles at MS Word but it is the big successful one that all the little guys attempt to compete with. More books continue be written in MS Word than most other offerings combined.

I was interested in the Word addin simply because it does closely resemble Scrivener. While it has been around for a while and used by a certain following it appears stalled at this point with some bugs and glitches remaining unresolved. The program costs significantly more than Scrivener which is quite a deterient in itself.

One advantage a more stable version could provide would be the great word processor that it utilizes allowing one to forego having to use multiple programs to get much same the job done.

Howevere, It was merely a little side trip to see what was available out there but did not seem to measure up at this point.

Thanks for playing


I’d be fairly certain that far more Ford Pinto cars are sold than MINI Coopers, but I can tell you which one’s going to win in any kind of race every time, assuming the drivers are both equally skilled.

Market penetration does not mean that something is superior. We like to look at the so-called free market and say that consumers decide what’s best… but I never get to decide what desktop OS or office suite I use at work. And despite how agnostic you or I may feel about any given piece of software, most people stick with what they know; they don’t want to learn something new, no matter how frustrating or inadequate the tool they are using is.

I have no opinion on the add-on, but then I’m not exactly what you’d call a Word enthusiast, so it’s appeal to me is roughly nil.