writing stage

I have taken notes for my thesis and now am ready to start writing. It seems the default (that I didn’t notice till now) on the notes is that the “include in draft” box is automatically checked. Is there a way to make a blanket change to all my notes so they are not included when I want to print? As I get started writing I would like to make sure I will be able to export the writing portions, not the notes, when it comes time to print a chapter. Maybe changing the “section” or “status” label would be the way to pull out only the writing portions for export? Can you please help me set this up? Thanks so much!

In the “Compile” window (Menu File -> Compile) you’ll find an overview which documents to include, with a lot of options: Include all/none, individual selection, include in regard to settings etc., which portions of the document to include (only title, content text, meta informations etc.).

At the moment you’ll have to set these checkboxes manually. I’ll assume your notation documents are scattered all over the Draft and so thus none of the bulk on/off methods will work for you. If you do have them all in one place, you could view the container they are in as an Outline view, reveal the “Include in Draft” column, and then Opt-click on the checkbox to remove them all at once. Barring that, the next best thing would be to find some commonality between the notes documents (perhaps you used labels to set them apart), search for that in Project Search, and then work down the list, unchecking them from Include. This can be made easy but opening the Inspector, and then using a combination of the DownArrow key and the mouse to click on the checkbox. Clicking on the checkbox does not remove focus from the search result list, so you can rapidly fly though the list unchecking boxes as you go.

That said, all of this will be made markedly easier in the next version. Not only will there be better ways to gather items together and make bulk changes on them like this, the compile itself will feature dynamic options for isolating content, regardless of the checkbox.

Thanks for your reply. As I looked further, would it be easiest for me to take care of check boxes in the “Compile Draft” tab under “File”? I could “Include none” and then go back and check the titles that are actual text of the paper, rather than notes. Will that work?

That will indeed. The checkboxes in the compiler are linked to the ones you find in the Inspector, so changing one impacts the other. If you have more notes than manuscript, that would be easier than the inverse.