Writing Tool Wikipedia - Make it local


would be cool to have a way to change the “Look up in Wikipedia”-feature to use different Wikipedia-Sites. Because: I’m german and want to look things up in the german wikipedia, not in the default english one. Maybe this could be easily integrated, because it’s a nice feature after all.


Guten Morgen JC
Why don’t you just click on Deutsch under Languages on the left of the page?
Tale care

Sure. But it’s two steps where there could be just one.

If you mean what I think you mean (three fingered tap brings up reference sources) then you can change things by launching the Dictionary application (should be in your applications folder) choose preferences, and click on Wikipedia. It brings up the list of localised versions.

Cheers, Martin.

Edit – Ok, I see what you mean – I never use the tool in the Edit menu because I’m on Lion, and the three finger tap is quicker.