Writing tools localization

Hi from Germany,

I’m currently evaluating Scrivener for Windows. So far I like it very much but I figure the writing tools would be of much more use to me if they would support german language ie. localized link targets such as eg. “.wikipedia.org” instead of en.wikipedia.org etc.


If you carry out a search of the forums, you’ll find quite a number of posts where the developer expresses his intentions on localisation. I think this thread may contain the most recent: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/languages/89/99] (scroll almost to the bottom of the thread).

Yes, there are lots of posts regarding the localization of the menues, help files and spell checker.
I could not find any about the writing tools - which are my concern.
Remind you: This would not be a ‘translation’; You’d have to call different web pages there and I could not find this topic mentioned anywhere.

My experience is that implicit requirements in software development tend to be not implemented.