writing tools

Just saying I super miss the writing tools in the Mac version–dictionary and thesaurus. Linking to an external site–just not as cool, and I loved being able to explore the rabbit hole of finding definitions for words in the definitions, and thesaurus options for THOSE. I haven’t tried the Beta, so maybe these features have already been added. I’ll try to give the Beta a whirl, but frankly I’m overwhelmed with just writing and I’m afraid the Beta will require me to think more about where I put files, etc? In the past when I’ve had two versions of Scriv on my machine there have been difficulties with backups and other matters. I don’t want to have to be careful right now, just want to bang my drum.

Thanks for listening.

I use both Mac S3 and Windows S3 (Beta). Windows is my primary workstation. S3 has both a dictionary and a thesaurus … both work. And, the beta is pretty stable for me, including interoperability with ProWritingAid Desktop (Grammar and Style checker / correction software).

I back up and compile frequently (on both platforms) and share the projects through Dropbox - this setup has been working well for me…