WritingRoom 3 for Ipad

Hogbay software has released WritingRoom 3 for Ipad.

Only had time to look at it briefly, but it does every thing that plaintext was doing and then some. Deals well with folder structures on dropbox. Has a nice expanded keyboard. Supports Textexpander, etc. Looks like I might finally be able to integrate the Ipad into my writing workflow in a way that works for me.

Yup, all that PlainText offered and more.

If you need a reason to jump from PlainText to WriteRoom then take a look at the extra, user-defined row on the on-screen keyboard. Suddenly all those two- and three-tap buried symbols are right there in front of you, all the time.

MultiMarkDown on the iPad is a whole lot quicker when [ ] # * < > and ^ are always visible.

no proper search function, wonder what they were thinking about when they made this search button, hoping for Daedalus 1.1.