Writings for iPad- any one else using it?

After trying PlainText, Simplenote and looking at a bunch of other Dropbox sync text editors, I found Writings on sale for .99 (still is at this date) and thought it was worth a try. It’s the best one I’ve used as it has a selectable extra row of keys for common punctuation without switching virtual keyboards, and the idea of customizable Workspaces for the writing environment in each project (folder). So far it haThe only downside is you have to click the sync button to make sure the iPad doc copy has been synced already with Dropbox before and after editing. s synced perfectly with Scrivener, even projects that had been edited previously by PlainText.

Anyone else tried it? Any problems you’ve found?

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I found this app in late April for $4.99 and have used it since. Really like the way it works with it’s workspaces and extra keyboard. I found the tapping at either side of the document to move the cursor difficult to get used to, but once I did, it makes me wonder how I got on without it.

Used iA Writer before and like this one better.

The only thing I have found annoying is the syncing. I don’t use Dropbox (unreliable internet connection) but sync through iTunes. It works well enough. Just have to keep changing the workspace I want to sync every time.


Thanks Phil. So far I’ve not used the iTunes interface for syncing. I have found it cumbersome for a lot of things so I try to use Dropbox when I can.

writings rocks, I wrote 70000+ words in it, and the dropbox sync is fantastic.
but it has no search function, which is a problem when working with existing text, so I try to combine it with Daedalus ( :smiling_imp: )

Yes, I have used it. I liked it a lot, with a few drawbacks:

  1. If you have many single notes, it is tedious to move between them because the nice animated flipping is getting into the way.

  2. I generally dislike Apps that use UI elements that mimic leather or wood or any other “real” stuff.

  3. Writings does not sync to dropbox without explicitly being forced to do so.

I like PlainText because it is efficient to use. Nebulous Note is an alternative: also efficient, and with support for extra keys in the keyboard.