Wrong Forum!

Hi. I’m just learning my way around this program, so I had occasion to go to “Help” and click on the link to “Beta Forum.” But it’s not this forum. It seems to link to another, abandoned forum somewhere that hasn’t been updated in 6 months or so. What’s up with that?

Also, I’ve noticed that all my document names now have “1” after them, and the program doesn’t let me delete the numeral from the title. It also appears on the notecard. Can anyone tell me why that’s happening and how to make it stop? Thanks.

Are you using Scrivener Gold, by any chance? It sounds as though you are… That program is discontinued - it was an old, old beta version of Scrivener which has now been completely rewrittten. Please download the latest beta of Scrivener (beta 5) from the Beta Testing forum.

All the best,

My apologies. You’re right. I wasn’t clear on what I was using. Got the beta 5 and even more impressed.