Wrong image when compiling to .PDF

I have a book-project with several images. When I compile the book to .PDF, some of the images are replaced with other images from the book. The dimensions from the original image is used, so I get a book with wrong and distorted images.



I 've found out, that the problem appears, if you paste more than one image from the clipboard to your book projekt. Then all images already in the project are replaced with the one last pasted.

A temporary solution is to load all images from files - Edit -> Insert -> Image from file (Ctrl+Shift+H)

I’m also having a similar issue with my project. I have several documents with images that have been pasted from screen snapshots.

Each document can be exported to RTF and they all appear to be fine.

However when I compile the project into a single document then many images are being overwritten by others from different documents.

I suspect that the compile function is saving all the images into one location, since all my images came from screen snapshots they have similar file names and are overwriting each other.

I’m going to redo all my screen snapshots and save them as individual files in a separate folder with unique file names. I will then import each image back into it’s respective document using the insert image function. Hopefully the compile function will work. I’ll let you know how I go.

Sorry for the late reply here. The problem is that the images do not have unique names, which is causing the compiler to use the same image for every one. We’re working on a solution to this, but in the meanwhile the fix is to right-click the images that compile identically and choose “Edit Image” and rename the image to something unique. If you have a compiled copy handy, you can view it alongside your Scrivener project window to go through your documents quickly and adjust the problematic images.

I believe the problem is limited to images that have been pasted in via the clipboard, as these are named incrementally but work on a per-document basis, so each initial paste into a new document will come in as something like “clipboard001”, and these will then end up incorrect in compile. Dragging in an image from the binder, from your desktop or Windows Explorer, or using Edit > Insert > Image from File… should all work so long as the original file has a unique name.

Thanks for the reply MM,
I’ll try the edit image method to change image names first.
Regards, Steve

You are correct! :smiley:

Each of my images had indeed been pasted from clipboard and had interesting names like “Clipboard Image_3” etc…

I did the “Right Click > Edit Image” on every image and changed it’s name to “DocumentTitle-#” to ensure that each image is unique across the entire project.

“DocumentTitle” is each document’s title without spaces and # is an incrementing number.

The compiled PDF now has all images in the correct place.

Thanks for the speedy response, I really appreciate it.

Regards, Steve