Wrong mss going from v1 to v3 in Windows

After downloading v3, my novel from v1 didn’t appear. I ended up importing a copy from my computer that was a much earlier version. I then ‘saved as’ the final version and tried to open that but it is now after Project Notes. I can get into it but it’s not the main mss and the one I assume I can compile. How can I get rid of the one and get the other to the top?

You’ve gone about it all wrong by sounds of it.

If I understand correctly, I’m assuming you still have the original V1 version of your MSS. If so, close the messed up one and just open the V1 with V3. It will make a backup and convert it to V3. No need to import anything.

If I am in the new Scribner, to close the messed up version of the MSS, I do what? I went to File, Close Project and that closes Scribner. When I reopen the messed up v is still there. Is there no way I can delete it? Or undo?

It sounds like Scrivener is opening the last project be default. Please hold down the Shift key while asking Scrivener to launch. You will need to hold the Shift key until Scrivener fully loads. That will prevent Scrivener from loading the incorrect version of the manuscript.

Then, from its default screen (it should show the Interactive Tutorial and the project templates), you can then navigate via File → Open to your good manuscript’s saved location on your computer.

You might also want to review the Scrivener 3 upgrade guide. It will walk you through the project-format-upgrade process, and I recommend testing that out before upgrading your good project. Just to be sure you’re comfortable with the process.

If you want to have Scrivener always open to its default menu rather than loading your last project, you can change that in Scrivener’s Options. To stop any projects from loading automatically, please go to the File menu in Scrivener 3 and then select “Options.” Within the “Startup” list of choices, please uncheck the box that says, “Reopen projects that were open on quit.”

Scrivener never deletes a project; do that in Windows file explorer.