Wrong paste after copy

What’s wrong with Scrivener?

I’ve a pdf document in my Research folder. This document has been updated in the external editor (Preview Mac OS Yosemite), with only some highlighting, then the document has been store again in Scrivener.

That seems working well, but it is not!

I’ve selected a part of the pdf document (only a couple of lines), then copied it (cmd C), and pasted it, in my document. But the result is not the original text, like you can see the attached file.

I’ve pasted the same part of text in a Word document, and the result is bad too!

What happened? How to resolve this issue?
PDF_Assembly.pdf (117 KB)

Well, nothing wrong with Scrivener per se then, if it affects Word too. Maybe it’s not a ‘real’ PDF but an image of one. That can screw up copying no end.

Some PDFs also employ copy protection methods to keep people from using Cmd-C on the source text (although I haven’t seen one quite like that, usually they stick dozens of garbage characters in between the ones you can see). I’d be curious to see what happens if you duplicate this PDF in Scrivener and on the duplicate, use the Documents/Convert/Convert PDF File to Text menu command. Do you get any usable text at all?