Wrong Projects Opening On Launch

I understand the correct behaviour is to open all projects that were open on program close/the last project closed.

Instead, I’m consistently getting the last project opened.

For example:

-Open Project A
-Open Project B to check something
-Close Project B, continue working in Project A
-Close Scrivener with Project A open
-Open Scrivener -> Project B opens


-Open Project A
-Open Project B
-Open Projects C, D, E, F, G, H
-Close Projects C-H
-Close Scrivener with Projects A & B open
-Open Scrivener -> Project H opens

Bug, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Scriv version 1.5.3
Windows 7 64 bit

Hello temp,
Just to say that seems to be the way it works. Looking at your post I note that it always opens the last project that was opened…not the last one closed. For example if I open A. then open B. edit B a bit and close it, carry on working in A. then close that. On start up it will open the last project that was opened (not the last project open). In this case it will open B. This is how your example works. If it bugs you then go to options/general - and remove the tick in the open recent project box. Hope that helps…until the real help arrives. That’s worn me out…off for a beer.